The 3rd Australian Division Memorial

An obelisk in memory of a division
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Photographies took in July 2003
That monument is dedicated to the men of the 3rd Australian Division. It can be seen from Hamel Australian Corps Memorial Park. It is located prominently on the north slope of the Somme valley, on the border of the Corbie-Bray road. That division arrived on the Western front in December 1916. Its first main involvement was Messines in June 1917, near Ieper. In 1918, it was went in the Somme to help to slow down the German Spring offensive while the allied front there was broken. Then the division had a first importance role in the same sector during fights for Morlancourt, Treux and Hamel. The 3rd division finally contributed to the final push launched in August 1918. The Memorial stands logically in the middle of an area where it did most of its famous actions. Memorial of other divisions are dispatched in North of France and in Belgium. The closer ones are in Pozières and La Boisselle (north of Albert, to Bapaume). One kilometer away, toward Corbie, after the old brick factory, there is the site were the famous Red Baron crashed.

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The Franco-Australian Museum in Villers-Bretonneux