Project of a memorial book

by the English historian Paul D. Kendall...

Paul is working on a new book about the battle of Hamel. He has already listed the graves of soldiers killed the 4th of July 1918. He would like to be in contact with relatives of the soldiers who fought in Hamel or were killed in action there.

Here follows a message from Paul :

"I have visited Hamel on several occasions. I remember my first visit to the  Australian Corps Memorial and I was surprised to see that the German Wolfsberg  Trenches still exist. I wanted to know more so I have read the John Laffin book  and Bean's official history, accessed the Australian War Diaries and in 2003 did  write a piece amounting to 30,000 words on the battle. This I will expand into a  book, where I will feature a narrative of the battle, and include the photos of  as many Australian, American and British tank men as I can obtain from  descendants of these brave men so I can include as a tribute to them. The book  will be written in the same format and spirit as my Zeebrugge and Bullecourt  books.

I think that the Hamel battle marked a turning point in WW1 where General Monash had the found the way to use modern technology to defeat Germany. Focus  has been given to the battle of Amiens and Ludendorff's black day on 8th August  1918, but I think that the turning point was on 4th July 1918 and I want to  raise awareness of this fact in Britain, Australia and America. The Americans are unaware of this battle which took place on their Independence Day. Much  attention is drawn to Belleau Wood battle.

At the moment I am starting to gather some more material. I visited Hamel during April  2009 and walked the battlefield and went into Vaire Woods. I  plan to focus more on the tanks and the American involvement. It will be a balanced work which represents the involvement of all  countries which took part in the battle.

I would be very thankful if you could put me in contact with the relatives of any Australian, American or British soldiers who fought at Hamel on 4th July  1918, so that I can get access to photos and information about their lives so  that I can write a biographical tribute.… Please feel free to link my request on  the Great war Forum or if you prefer, post my email address on your website to  invite any descendants to contact me if they wish their ancestors to be honoured  in my book on Hamel."

So, if you think you can help him, feel free to e-mail him :

Thank you!