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    The Battle of Hamel
    History of the battle
    (pages in English)
    Hamel heros
    (pages in English)
    Section about Hamel in a military history thesis of the Australian Defence Force Academy. A very interesting tactical and strategical study.
    US corporal Thomas Pope: The first Congress Medal of Honor dues to an act of gallantry in Hamel. Biography and detailled account in a military review online.
    42nd Batattalion AIF
    History of that unit, include the detailed account of its role during the battle of Hamel.
    Corporal Thomas "Jack" Axford : One of the diggers awarded of the Victoria Cross for his gallantry while the battle.
    Little article about the battle, useful but originally designed to war gamers.
    Henry "Harry" Dalziel : Another diggers awarded of the Victoria Cross for his gallantry while the battle.
    Section of the Australian War Memorial website, an on line exposition realized 80 years after 1918 events. It present Australia part that last year of WW1.
    Biographies of John Monash
    (Pages in English)
    The Battle and the Memorial park on a website displaying the main Somme memory places.
    Short biography of the battle planner.

    Two extracts of works realized by Australian and British pupils. Main facts about the battle and its importance.
    Bigger biography of general Monash.
    Extract of a synthesis carried out by an Australian university teacher.
    Did Monash bring to command ideas not known to other BEF commanders ? (by Dr George Bailey).
    First World
    Short history of the battle on a recent ww1 website.
    First World
    An other biography in a new web site.
    Grandes Guerras
    Account of the battle in Spanish
    Brighton Cemetary
    A more complete biography of Monash
    Short presentation of the Battle and of the Memorial Park for tourists.
    (pages in English)
    Other subjects
    A webpage about the Mark V, the model of British tank used in Hamel.
    Page of an architecture review about Hamel Memorial Park (it displays the architects' names, costs ...).
    Webpage of the Australian company which made the Memorial Park's black granite panels.

    14-18 in the area and/or the Australian involvement
    The Australian involvement
    (pages in English)
    An access to Ross Mallet thesis and other informations. A very big work with many informations. This university work is not only a chronological account, it is a tactical and technical modern analysis.
    Anzac Research
    The aim of this site is to help researching an Anzac. Include the Anzac Forum.
    A site dedicate to Anzacs memory. A passionnate and personnal work, poetry, audio and video files, articles about the Red Baron, Gallipoli etc.
    Families and Friends
    of the First AIF
    FFFAIF's purpose is to commemorate the service, sacrifice, courage and suffering of the First Australian Imperial Force.
    Australia in WWI
    Personnal web site with a modern design, display main places and battles, still on works.
    The Australian involvement
    (pages in French)
    Australian Battlefields
    of World War I
    Australians WW1  sites on the Western Front. Worth maps of battles and monuments pictures. Other sections of that on line guide are also interesting ( ie Venice).
    The Digger Cote160 (Franco-Australian association)
    English version on building. Website in memory of the Australian role in the battle of the Somme in Pozières.
    Selection of on line resources about the Australian involvement ans its various forms.
     Australian War Memorial
    Histories (Bean & Cutlack)
    The official WW1 histories can be downloaded there, a precious source.
    The 1st AIF
    A presentation of the AIF, mainly the 1st Division. Many informations about the Australian involvement in WWI. Still on work.
    14-18 in the area
    (pages in French)
    Association du Souvenir de la Bataille de Fromelles. The first Australian main battle in 1915, its memory, the local museum (sout-west of Lille) etc. 
    Somme - Reconstruction
    The reconstruction and its memory in the Somme An essential aspect of the after war time: the destiny of lands and villages devastated by the war. Linked with an excellent university work recently published.
    Digger History
    An unofficial history of the Australian & New Zealand Armed Services.
    Santerre 14-18
    Website about WW1 in the Santerre (part of the Somme). Several interesting topics. From an association opposed to the 3rd airport project.
    Part of that famous web site dedicated to Anzacs.
    Picardie 14-18
    Monuments and memory places in Picardie. Made by a  passionnate which had visited most of these places in Picardie, many photos and well documented texts, frequent updates.
    Private Bosisto AIF
    Still 1998, Russel Bosisto was missing in action near Pozières... A section about him and his burial in the famous website Hellfire Corner.
    In English

    Somme Battlefields

    Official website of the Somme battlefields.
    Following Australian Footsteps
    Mark Acromby visited Western Front following his grandfather traces, also in Hellfire Corner.
    The American involvement
    at Hamel (pages in English)
    Website from the Somme Tourism Office : show First War places where the Anzac fought - but also other country (historical articles, maps, links ...).
    33rd US Infantry Division
    A website about that unit history: 4 US companies received their baptism of fire at Hamel. Parts about WW1 are under construction.

    Official web sites
    Pages in English
    Conseil Régional de Picardie
    Région Picardie official webpage. A presentation of the region and its different aspects. Links page.
    Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la Somme 
    Somme Tourism Board webpage. A presentation of touristic places, housing, etc. Very interesting : they send you free tourism brochures (like WW1 tours).
    Conseil Général de la Somme
    Somme département official webpage. A presentation of the département and its several aspects. Links page.
    Picardy Pauses
    Website of the Picardie Region Tourism Board especially designed for UK people.
    Comité d'Expansion de la Somme
    Economic Development Agency of the Somme. Firms and trade in the Somme (index, presentation, links), also a cultural aspect.
    L'ambassade d'Australie
    en France
    The Australian Embassy in Paris.
    Communauté de Communes
    "Bocage - Trois Vallées" municipalities association. A presentation of villages associated into that structure, their activities (tourism, etc.).
    Pages in French
    Villers-Bretonneux official webpage. A presentation of the town, the Franco-Australian friendship, the museum and Anzac Day etc.
    Comité Régional du Tourisme de Picardie
    Site for tourism in Picardy region with various informations to stay and to visit. French equivalent of the above one.

    Selection of websites about WW1
    Pages in English
    Association 14-18
    The French association 14-18 website, many documents, a forum and a links page.
    Somme 1916
    An other website about the Somme by Paul Reed, historian and well-knwon guide. Website especially devoted to the 2006 commemorations.
    Historial de la Grande Guerre
    de Péronne
    This museum shows the war in an innovative way. It's worth to be seen. It's also an international research center.
    Another complete website about the BEF with the best WW1 forum for many reasons (not only because I am a member!).
    Australian War Memorial
    A museum, a place for memory and a documentation center dedicated to Australian involvement. A lot to see particularly their precious online database (pictures).
    One of the first synthesis online with various and complete sections.
    Western Front Association
    A very complete website from a well-known organisation, an important links page.
    The Diggers
    A kind of archeology of the former battlefield. Near Ieper, passionate people are excavating war time remains. They show their activities on the net.
    In Flanders Fields
    One of the best museum about WW1 in Ieper, Belgium.
    The Hall of Mirrors
    Personnal web site dedicate to cemeteries, big section about military cemeteries.
    The Great War
    A special website about WW1, various and rich contents
    First World War
    We do appreciate that new web site. Multimedia, very complete and very well organised . A high quality ergonomy. Links page.
    Pages in French
    An unfortunate region
    Memory places, cemeteries. Two passionate peoples realized that huge web site. It's mainly based on their numerous visits on the ground. Links page.
    Many various on line resources. Some articles in English. That community web site is waiting for your contributions.
    Imperial War Museum
    The famous British military museum, but few on line documents.
    1914-1918, la Der des Ders
    The biggest French website about WW1, various informations and also many French units histories to download. Website include the best French WW1 forum.
    The Old Front Line
    A website dedicated to the history and battlefields of the Great War 1914-1918. It aims to provide you with information about the war itself and on how to visit the battlefields.
    Guerre 14-18
    Many high quality photos from the period.
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