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Informations about the author rights or copyright (French and international laws)

The website "" and its contents is under the code of the intellectual property, any reproduction full or partial of these pages made without the agreement of the author is illicit. The L.335-2 articles of the code of the intellectual property (law of July 1, 1992) include prison penalties and fines for contraveners. 

All texts and images are the exclusive property of their respective authors and cannot be reproduced even partially by whoever except with an authorization. 

All the images and all the documents presented in this site are - as far as we know - free of rights or are used after agreement of their owner. If it proved that one of the elements of the site or several of them are subjected to copyright, please contact me. I engage myself to credit them or withdrawing them at once according to wishes expressed on this occasion by the owners of the concerned documents and/or images.

Lastly, the author of this site declare that it is not responsible for the contents it is possible to access by the links page, of those presented by the provider in commercials pop-ups or of by the free statistic service.

For more details thank you to refer you to the headings below. 

Protection again the copy

Some  pages are copy protected with, for example, desactivation of the right click or of the selection of text. We do not have illusions concerning the real effectiveness of this kind of protection. Even if they are easy to circumvent, they are there to recall to the visitor the respect of copyright. Some images in their enlargment version have a "watermark". That plug aims at preventing their use in an unauthorized publication or a print with commercial purposes. 

Status of the main pictures

Old postcards 

Given their date, they fell into the public domain. However, considering their scarcity and their highvalue, the collector owning them has the right to protect them from the copy. Postcards of that website belong to a family collection. 

Photographs and images of Australian War Memorial

These images and these photographs are from its website or from the online data base of the AWM. We each time credited this institution. The authorization to use these documents was given to us in a mail on February 9, 2001. 

Photographs of outsides 

Only public places or landscapes were shoot but their photography remains the property of the author of that website. 

Photographs of collection objects

These objects belong to a private collection and their photographs are subject to copyright. 

Other images

Some images such as animated gifs or buttons have been made by the author or downloaded on websites offering images of this sort free of rights. The status of some images of little importance remains unknonwn or doubtful. Thank you to tell me so that one can proceed as described in the first heading. 

Photographs of people 

The image right is defended by the French legislation. Private people are photographed on that website especially in parts about commemorations or inaugurations. We manage in order that the images of individuals (especially children) are not of a sufficient quality in case of a dishonest illegal use would occur. Photographs of people having an official role have another status. 
If you recognize yourselves on a photograph of this site and that for various reasons, you do not want to be recognise contact me so that I remove or blur it. 


The few sounds or tunes of music on that website were downloaded on websites offering those materials free of rights. 

Status of the main texts

We personally wrote the French or English texts present on this site. An article and various small paragraphs (history of the ACPM, two descriptions of vestiges etc.) were written by other people especially for the author of this site which then adapted them. 

It is obvious that the majority of the texts were not based on researchs made in the archives files of the time. We mainly realized: 

- a historical work of compilation and synthesis (for example for the account of the battle) based on publications clearly mentioned in the bibliography or on information collected on Internet websites mentioned in the links pages. Our sources are not mentioned directly on each pages in order not to overload them. 

- a work of journalism and investigation - for example, we attend the commemorations (as spectator or even as discrete actor) - by collecting oral informations or by many visits on the former battlefield. 

If, as an individual or an institution, you have questions or are concerned by the use of elements of this website subject to copyright, do not hesitate to contact me (see " Webmaster " for that). 
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We easily give the authorization to use materials we have the rights if it is for a non commercial use which may participate to the memory duty or to the diffusion of information (civic and pedagogical) about World War One.