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Sources used for the site texts Examples of books about the Great War
Barrie Pitt, 1918, The last act, 1963, 348 pages Jay M. Winter, The experience of World War I, Equinox, Oxford, 1988, 177 pages
Charles E.W. Bean, Official history of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, Volume VI, 1942, Sydney John Keegan, Anatomie de la bataille, Pocket, 1999, 324 pages [The faces of battle, 1976]
Charles E.W. Bean, ANZAC to Amiens, the diggers part, 1946, Penguin Books, 1993 Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau, Annette Becker, 1914 - 1918: Understanding the Great War, 2002, 272 pages
John Laffin, The cost of victory, Western front 1917-1918, Time Life Books, 1988 Jean-Jacques Becker, L'Europe dans la Grande Guerre, Belin, 1996, 319 pages
Allan Blankfield and Robin S. Corfield, Never forget Australia - N'oublions jamais l'Australie, The Villers-Bretonneux 75th anniversary pilgrimage comittee, Melbourne, 1993, 208 pages Rousseau Frédéric, La guerre censurée : Une histoire des combattants européens de 14-18, 2003, 461 pages
Will Davies, John Laffin, Bruce Muchenberg, Kevin O'Brien, Australian World War I Battlefield Tour, Villers-Bretonneux to Le Hamel, March-July 1918, Office of Austalian War Graves, Canberra, 1998, 33 pages
Richard Reid, "Beaucoup Australiens ici" - The Australian Corps in France, 1918, Commonwealth Department of Veteran's Affair, Canberra, 1998, 77 pages
Stephen Pope et Elizabeth Anne Wheal, The MacMillan dictionnary of the First World War, MacMillan, London, 1995, 561 pages   To find those books...
Martin et Mary Middlebrook, The Somme Battlefields : a comprehensive guide from Crécy to the two World Wars, Penguin Books, 1994, 385 pages
David de Sousa, La reconstruction et sa mémoire dans les villages de la Somme (1918-1932), La vague verte, Woignarue, 2001, 210 pages
Nicolas Goret, Des villages de la Somme face à la Grande Guerre : rapport à la guerre de localités de l'arrière-front, proximité de la zone de feu et marques du temps de guerre, Mémoire de Maîtrise, UPJV, s.d. S. Audoin-Rouzeau, 1998, 167 pages

The only book about the battle of Hamel we recommand
Hamel by Dr Pedersen
Use links (picture or top) to access a full description or to purchase that book online on the editor's website.
Peter Pedersen, Hamel, Somme, Battleground Europe, Pen & Swords Books, 2003, 160 pages

Released in March 2003, that book have several qualities like:
- a well documented account of the battle, quite neutral and wrote in a clear English
- the other half is a guide for a visit by car or better by walking
The author has a terrific knowledge of the battlefield where he spent a lot of time.
The book is a perfect complement for the OAWG guide, you buy it easily on the internet and its price (c. 15 € or $) made it worth.

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